Program setup

The Emerce Business Course consists of 5 consecutive days (9.00 to 17.30), filled with interactive lectures, cases, discussions, inspiring guest speakers and company visits.

Drawing from the work of many academic and eCommerce centers of excellence around the world, the course provides participants with a sound conceptual background on several topics, while at the same time inspirational speakers from ‘The Valley’ will join to discuss the practical consequences and their ideas about these topics with you in an intimate setting.

Program topics

In short, the business course is build around 5 topics:

Program chair

The chair of the business course is Prof. dr. Kirthi Kalyanam. Dr. Kalyanam is the J.C. Penney Research Professor, Director of the Retail Management Institute & Faculty Director of the eMBA program at the Leavey School of Business.

Prof. Kalyanam has more than 15 years of experience in the business, were his main expertise is in retailing, channel marketing, e-business, and voice-of-the-market processes. He is trusted advisor to leading internet companies such as Comscore and Cisco, recently appointed chairman of the global think-tank and reknown writer of books and articles about internet marketing strategy. Find out more about Prof. dr. Kalyanam here


Detailed program schedule

In order to be able to incorporate the latest developments and involve inspiring, high-level speakers, we are constantly updating our program schedule. Please download the latest version in .PDF here




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