Dealing with Infinite Touchpoints

From a world with limited and fairly isolated customer contact channels in the ‘pre-digital’ age, we have quickly evolved to the digital and mobile age in which the amount of customer contact channels in theory is infinite. In this new age, it is not enough to simly replicate your activities across different channels to manage cross channel customer behaviour effectively and efficiently.

The management of a large amount of customer contact channels requires a systematic approach that capitalises on each channel’s strenght, while at the same time making optimal use of existing resources. It requires using different analytics and selecting the right KPI’s to measure ROI.

The sessions on this topic discuss how brands and organizations can cope with this new reality, its opportunities and its consequences for channel strategy development and management practice.


A selection of sessions on this topic fron the 2011 business course includes:

The battle for future retailing: Amazon, the new Wallmart of the web:
This session highlights the nature of the competition between pure play and multi-channel retailers using a financial comparison case of Wal-Mart and, as illustration of the impact of the new retail paradigm.

The HP brand challenge: Should HP go direct?
Organizations are confronted with customers who voice their opinion on, and do business over the internet. Your brand is  discussed on the net and brand communities are growing. Paralel to these developments the possibilities for brands to reach their end customers as well as sell to them directly are growing too.

The challenge for brand manufacturers seems thus to be concentrated on questions like: how to manage my brand online? Should my brand go direct? Choices that not only require a completely new perspective on brand management, but also force orgnisations to rethink their channel stratey to cope with conflicts in with conventional channel partners.


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