The Platform Battle: Mobile internet & Apps

Mobile First! This strategic choice of internet powerhouse Google illustrates the fundamental shift in thinking about internet communication as a consequence of the rise of mobile internet. Together with developments in cloud computing this is probably the most fundamental disruptive technological development of the decade.

Sessions on this topic aim to explore new business models enabled by mobile internet technology as wel as the implications of the current battle for mobile platform dominace between the three key players: Apple OS, Android and Windows.


A selection of sessions on this topics from the 2011 business course includes:

Android Crashes the iPhone Party:  The Battle of Mobile Platforms
Android has emerged as a big challenger to Apple’s iphone – crashing the iPhone party – and rapidly extending to the tablet market as well as emerging as a shopping channel. This session analyzes the case of Andriod versus iPhone as an example of platform competition.

The future of the mobile payment market
This sessions offers real live insights into mobile payments strategy of one of the worlds leading mobile payment providers: PayPal. During the session, we will discuss developments and trends in de mobile payments market, and how they affect your business.


More Business Course topics:

- The Origins of Disruption
- Dealing with Infinite Touchpoints
- When Consumers Talk to Eachother
- The Platform Battle: Mobile Internet & Apps
- Exploring the Valley



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