The Origins of Disruption

This topic focusses on the fundamental drivers behind the disruptive nature of internet technology. Why and how are current business paradigms constanly being challenged? What are the characteristics of winner-takes-all markets? Which players are prone to be affected most and why?

During the sessions we will constanly compare new models to existing ones, identifying the factors causing disruption, as well as accompanying opportunities for innovation. Together we will discuss how these developments affect your business now, and in the future.


A selection of sessions on this topic from the 2011 business course includes:

Disruption & digitization of traditional advertising models: The Monster case:
The case provides an excellent view into the classified advertising market in the early state of Digital Disruption.

Drivers of disruption: the 3 Internet GTP’s:
In this session, the Internet is decontructed using its three general purpose technologies (GTP’s) as a framework: Digitization, Networking and Interactivity (DNI). During the session the business value of these characteristics will be explored.


More Business Course topics:

- The Origins of Disruption
- Dealing with Infinite Touchpoints
- When Consumers Talk to Eachother
- The Platform Battle: Mobile Internet & Apps
- Exploring the Valley



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