When consumers talk to eachother

“Social media are word-of-mouth on steriods”, said Gary Vaynerchuck in 2008. And they have proven to be just that, and more! Although most organization are aware of the simple fact they should embrace social media, only few actualy do. And many of those who do experience  that embracing social media requires structured social strategy development as well as flawless execution throughout the organisation.

This topic focusses on the succesful use of social media for your organisation, with special attention to social media analytics.


A selection of sessions on this topic from the 2011 business course includes:

Sentiment Analysis and Sentiment Analytics
Online sentiments from blogs, reviews and ratings are available on an increasing scale. This session explores the use of online sentiments, illustrated by on of the world’s leading compnaies in this flied: Power Reviews.

Groupon and Groupon Imitators: Flash in the Pan or Here to Stay?
The unprecedented global growth of Groupon offers insights in the development of the so called ‘social promotion’ initiatives. Since the birth of groupon in 2009, a variety of new start-ups has developed businesmoddels that try to imitate and capitalize or even improve upon the Groupon model.

This session explores the possibilities and limitations of these socially driven, ‘deal-of-the-day’ models enabled by Web 2.0 technology, as well as their potential future direction.

Facebook: Platforms and Fan Pages
This session focusses on the growth of the various Facebook platforms, their business value, as well as emerging facebook marketing strategies.


More Business Course topics:

- The Origins of Disruption
- Dealing with Infinite Touchpoints
- When Consumers Talk to Eachother
- The Platform Battle: Mobile Internet & Apps
- Exploring the Valley


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