Geplaatst door: Progress Software

Hello/Bonjour/Hola: Localize Your Site to Engage Globally

Join me, Jen McAdams, VP of Marketing for Progress, and my (fabulous) colleague Fernanda Murillo, Latin American Field Marketing Leader, and learn how you too can deliver powerful multilingual content to your global audiences. We’ll cover:

– Our process for managing localization and keeping things up-to-date
– A peek into our environment including a how-to on sending, receiving, and approving localized content via the Microsoft Translation Connector
– How Fernanda manages all of our localizations, in her case to Spanish and Portuguese
– A crawl-walk-run approach to translation and localization

It’s literally helped me sleep at night knowing Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence is helping us get the best of all worlds in speed and accuracy in standing up localized site and pages. Tune in and see how it can help you too.
Time for this webinar: 17.00 – 18.00 Hrs

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