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Webinar: AI in Customer Experience –

12 juni 2019

Artificial intelligence is today’s buzzword in business.

With good reason, it allows employees to automatize returning actions, to handover time consuming tasks and to focus on the most complex challenges.

In short, it highly increases the productivity of your business.

This also applies to customer experience: in an ever more competitive environment, we want to engage with our customers and make them feel valued.

AI can help you reach these goals by reducing the issue resolving time, decreasing the agent’s workload and simply making work more customer-oriented.

But the industry is evolving at a rapid pace and it is hard to keep up in such a disrupting environment.

What is the technology you can leverage as a company today? Where is the industry heading to tomorrow? How can you make sure that you stay ahead of the competition next year?

These are the questions will be answered during our webinar, together with CX expert Nienke Bloem and AI evangelist Martine Ferment.

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