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Emerce’s mission is to connect front runners and decision makers in digital through independent, inspiring content.

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Reach out to your target audience

If you have a target audience you want to reach, Emerce’s channels can do exactly that. Our special interest group approach enables you to reach a specific audience based on industry, topics, interests or level of influence. Based on your goals, there is a variety of options on how to interact with your audience. Both digital and live. From a small setting of 5-6 people during intimate sessions to content marketing, lead generation and claiming thought leadership



unique visitors per month

With 525,000 unique visitors, Emerce.nl is one of the most visited sites about media, marketing and e-business in the Netherlands.




In addition to the site, Emerce keeps more than 110,000 subscribers informed of the latest news. E-mail newsletters and social media feeds such as Twitter, YouTube, Slideshare, Facebook and LinkedIn are attracting more and more followers every day.



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Emerce can help produce content and publish it on the expert content platform.


About Emerce

Emerce is a multichannel platform for news and information about digital business, marketing, commerce and technology. Emerce started in 1998. With daily news at its core, the platform provides insights, research and expert information. Emerce offers decision makers inspiration and tools for innovative digital business.


Digital solutions

To help you achieve your goals, we offer a number of digital solutions, such as white paper lead generation, webinars, ghostwriting and channel based advertising.

Print solutions

You can participate in the monthly magazine, Emerce 100 and the Eguide yearbook.

Event solutions

Events are a great to meet existing and new contacts. You can take your pick from various events. Generate leads, position your brand or claim thought leadership.


may 2020

‘What would a good relationship with a third party be if not for the people working there?
I think Emerce not only has a talented group of people to work with from top to bottom, but very easy going and genuinely helpful in reaching your goals.

George Lavric - Episerver / Read more quotes