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The future of media: an interview about creativity and independence by media giant All3Media Deutschland!

19 mei 2022
Online Webinar
Online Webinar

Taco Rijssemus, CEO of All3Media Deutschland Gmbh, will be questioned on his view on “The future of media”.

Which topics can you expect during this Q&A?

How independent are the media?
New business models and managing creativity.
Creating International Blockbusters as “de Verraders” and the story behind “Wie is de Mol” from “A Storytelling company IDTV”.
Taco Rijssemus has extensive experience in leadership functions in media and has proven to be effective in both the commercial domain (SBS, idtv, All3Media) and public domain (KRO, KRO-NCRV). He is known for his sharp vision based on a solid theoretical perspective (he got his doctorate in Mediastudies in 2014) and his persistence and guts in identifying and seizing opportunities. This makes him especially successful in business transformations.

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