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Revolut Business is increasing its footprint in the Netherlands: Doubles Customer Base in a Year and Rolls Out Dutch IBAN to Simplify Local Payments

Amsterdam, June 17th 2024 – Revolut, the digital bank with over 40 million users worldwide, including 700,000 in the Netherlands, is announcing today significant news for Revolut Business including the launch of NL IBANs for Dutch Business Customers, while the local client pool has more than doubled over the last year. This impressive growth is driven by companies across various sectors, including consultancy, financial and business services, retail, manufacturing, and marketing and communication.

Building on this momentum, Revolut is doubling its efforts in the business vertical by introducing new products and localising existing ones to meet the specific needs of Dutch businesses. Today, Revolut announced the launch of Dutch IBANs for its business customers in the Netherlands, successfully migrating all eligible business customers to local Dutch IBANs. New business customers joining Revolut will be directly onboarded with a Dutch IBAN.

The introduction of Dutch IBANs is a highly anticipated feature for Dutch businesses, streamlining interactions with public services, facilitating payments by direct debit, and eliminating complex administrative procedures associated with having a Lithuanian IBAN.

Revolut Business offers a comprehensive product ecosystem that enables companies of any size to gain global financial control over their finances. Businesses can manage team corporate cards, establish personalised spend and expense rules, and adjust these rules according to internal processes, all within a single application. Business clients also benefit from international transfers to over 100 countries, competitive currency exchange services, and FX forward contracts. Additionally, the platform integrates seamlessly with popular accounting programs such as Moneybird, Visma Dinero, E-conomic, Odoo, and QuickBooks.

James Gibson, General Manager & Partner at Revolut Business, commented: “Since the launch of Revolut Business in 2017, we have expanded our portfolio of products and features with the aim of providing our business customers with a complete platform to effectively manage all their finances. We are delighted to see how Dutch companies have warmly welcomed our product, trusting Revolut Business to grow theirs. We continue to look for ways to support Dutch companies operating in the Netherlands and abroad.”

Looking ahead, Revolut plans to introduce new kinds of products for businesses, including treasury products, further enhancing its offering and helping businesses across the world to make more with their money.


Revolut Business is a global financial super app for businesses, helping startups, scale-ups and enterprises accept and make payments globally, exchange money at competitive rates and manage their spending. Our mission is to be the one platform for managing all business finances. Launched in 2017, today hundreds of thousands of businesses rely on Revolut Business to run their businesses and as a platform for growth. To learn more, visit



Revolut is a licensed European bank, helping people get more from their money. In 2015, Revolut launched in the UK offering money transfer and exchange. Today, more than 40 million customers around the world use dozens of Revolut’s innovative products to make more than half a billion transactions a month.

Across our personal and business accounts, we give customers more control over their finances and connect people seamlessly across the world.

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