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Dutch filmmakers take VR experience to next level

AMSTERDAM – By developing Walibi Hollands new attraction NeuroGen, Dutch film company I-MOR has taken virtual-reality (VR) to the next level. For the first time people play a real part in a VR film, making it a true experience instead of a virtual movie.

In NeuroGen people visit a neuro clinic where they can have their brain capacity enlarged. Their brain is scanned and after they are seated and have put on their Samsung Gear VR, the experience starts. Without spoiling too much, all kinds of events happen to them, varying from exciting to horrific. ,,They become a part of the story and are sucked into it. We’ve never seen anything like it, so we think it’s quite distinctive in the leisure market”, say Mike Vonk, Robert Vonk and Rogier van de Weerd of I-MOR.

The VR market will increase enormously in the coming years. Experts predict a total turnover of 50 billion in 2050. In 2018 people worldwide will have 171 million VR devices. New applications pop up every day. I-MOR wants to take its gained experience and expertise in this new technology abroad to develop similar attractions in other leisure and attraction parks all over the world.

The VR-technology used in NeuroGen goes way further than 3D movies and other VR applications. ,,We have put the camera in the action and use real footage instead of computer animations. Therefore you feel you are actually present in the room and during everything that happens. You are interactively involved”, the three state. ,,In other cases the story is of minor importance to the VR. For us, the story is leading. In Walibi Holland we have shown what we can do and how you can turn a good script into a VR-experience.”

Walibi Holland opened its new attraction on April 13th. NeuroGen is a solo experience, making it much more intense. Because of the exciting and horrific character admission of the attraction is 16+.


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