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- 2007: Rolf Skyberg (ebay): Web 2.0++: Why we got here and what’s next

The pony express. Hot dogs. Claude and Ignace Chappe. Birds of the Salton sea. How are these related?

When approaching Web 2.0 it is easy to get distracted by what we could do instead of focusing on what we should do. Smashed with buzzwords like AJAX, “social networking,” and “LAMP stack,” we forget that any business needs a true understanding of customer needs and desires. The Web is full of lists describing the “what” of Web 2.0, but where is the list of the reasons “why?”

Through an examination of the past, learn why Web 2.0 was a pre-destined consequence of social psychology, military dollars, and determined hackers and entrepreneurs. Then move on to the future with useful paradigms for examining the past, and tools for determining where to go next.

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