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Dutch Games Association brings the best of the Netherlands to gamescom!

UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS – August 16, 2022. This year, Dutch Games Association (DGA) will host the Netherlands Pavilion in physical form again, where they will present a great selection of Dutch developers. Read on for more information about who you can meet at gamescom and what they have to offer at the Netherlands Pavilion.

The Netherlands in Cologne

More than twenty Dutch studios will be joining the Netherlands Pavilion at gamescom this year, organised by Dutch Games Association with the support of CreativeNL. The Netherlands Pavilion is a great opportunity for these studios to build and strengthen both local and international connections. Additionally, thanks to the diversity in the Dutch delegation, everyone can find something (or someone) worth their while at the Netherlands Pavilion.

The international nature of gamescom offers Dutch studios the chance to efficiently connect with contacts and partners from all over the world in person. This makes the German trade fair the perfect opportunity for indie developers, who are often pressed for time and manpower, to put themselves out there where others can find them.

Like in previous years, MeetToMatch is a main partner at DGA and one that flourishes in this environment. By demonstrating the value of their service and helping other developers grow crucial connections. MeetToMatch’s platform can be used to arrange meetings and events, assisting the start-ups and studios at DGA in broadening their reach while networking.

Who can you meet at the Netherlands Pavilion this year?

With over twenty various projects and teams that make up the Dutch delegation to gamescom this year, everybody will find something for them at the Netherlands Pavilion! Below you will find only a few examples of who you can meet at gamescom in 2022.

Isonzo is the third First-Person Shooter in the authentic WW1 Game Series, co-created by Dutch studios M2H and Blackmill Games. Indie hits Verdun and Tannenberg covered the Western and Eastern Fronts during the Great War, while Isonzo captures the intensity of combat on the Alpine front along the Italian border.

Gamious is a regular at the Netherlands Pavilion and will once again be showing off their latest endeavour this year! After having released Lake, a cosy narrative adventure in which you become a businesswoman in her forties who is taking two weeks off from her big city career to fill in for her dad delivering mail in her rustic hometown, the studio is at gamescom to pitch their next project.

Abstraction is a creative game studio which not only develops their own IP but also co-develops with talented AAA studios and publishers. The team is currently working on the untitled open-world multiplayer survival game set in the beloved Dune universe.

Paladin Studios is the developer behind Stormbound and will also be joining the Netherlands Pavilion at gamescom. The studio is currently working on Nailed It! Baking Bash with Netflix, based on the latter’s hit series Nailed It.

dwide, is Topsector Creatieve Industrie’s portal to internationalise the Dutch creative field by encouraging Dutch creative professionals to take their enterprises abroad and by helping them become noticed by clients from all over the world. The Netherlands already leads on this front, with 29,5% of the profits from the Dutch creative industry made in foreign markets, which is more than any other country in the world. CreativeNL wants to expand this in a way that makes the world a better place, setting the tone for other companies.

About Dutch Games Association

Dutch Games Association (DGA) was founded in order to create a healthy climate for the Dutch games industry to grow, flourish and expand. Their mission is to Connect, Serve and Inspire the industry in the Netherlands and abroad.

DGA organises and attends relevant events and connects interested parties in order to stimulate business opportunities and general growth of the industry. Furthermore, they communicate with the government and international organisations on relevant subjects that are of concern to the Dutch games industry.






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